Preorder Seedlings

Save time and convenience by ordering our seedlings. Each seedling is freshly grown using our organic non-GMO seeds. Not only that, they have been nurtured through the most delicate early stages of growth by professional growers.

This means you get to enjoy these benefits:

  1. Immediate satisfaction of watching your healthy seedlings growing
  2. No more heartbreak when you encounter failed seed germination
  3. Create a healthy and strong garden with seedlings reared in conditions that encourage well-developed root systems and vigorous growth. 

All our seedlings are started fresh from seed in our gardens to ensure they are acclimatised to our local Singapore weather. This means you can be sure your seedlings are hardier than others. 

Furthermore, to ensure you get the best start in your gardening journey, we use our secret blend of potting mixes with fertilsers.

As our seedlings require lots of care and love, we will only begin growing them once we receive an order confirmation. And they will take between 21 to 28 days to get ready for collection.

Once seedlings are ready for collection, you will be informed via email

Depending on the type of seeds, our professional gardener will either choose a soil base or rockwool base for germination.

Waiting time: 21 to 28 days

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