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Don’t have time and space to grow your plants from seed?

Or are you getting ready to plant your garden, but not feeling quite prepared to make the jump and grow everything from seed?

Sierra Flora has just the solution for you.

Let us germinate the seeds for you and you’ll receive healthy seedlings ready for transplant.

Get a head start in the garden with our huge selection of seedlings. Choose from our seasonal range of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

There are many reasons to start with seedlings, rather than starting your own seed. If you didn’t plan ahead, don’t have the desired seeds in hand, have germination issues with the seed, or don’t have space or time, you’ll want to purchase seedlings for your garden.

As all our seedlings are custom grown, there will be a waiting time of 3 to 5 weeks before they are ready for collection. Let our team of farmers help you germinate and care for your plant babies while you sit back and relax.